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I'm writing a python script to check all my running instances for ebs snapshots...

rsv = self.botoEC2.get_all_instances()
for r in rsv:
  ins = r.instances[0]
  blockDevice = self.getInstanceAttribute(ins,"blockDeviceMapping")
  print blockDevice

def getInstanceAttribute(self,instance,attribute):
    return instance.get_attribute(attribute)


{u'blockDeviceMapping': {u'/dev/sda1': <boto.ec2.blockdevicemapping.BlockDeviceType object at 0x10d5faed0>}}

I am new to boto. Am I on the right path?

Do I need to get the blockDeviceMapping first, then call the volume functions?

How do I get the actual volume id, so i can check it for existing snapshots?

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It sounds like you want to loop through all of your running instances and then loop through all of the EBS volumes attached to those instances. Is that right? If so, I would do something like this:

import boto

ec2 = boto.connect_ec2()
reservations = ec2.get_all_instances(filters={'instance-state-name': 'running'})
volumes = []
for r in reservations:
    for i in r.instances:
        volumes.extend(ec2.get_all_volumes(filters={'attachment.instance-id': i.id}))

At that point, volumes would contain a list of all Volume objects that are attached to running EC2 instances.

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