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I have an ArrayList of elements of type <Graph<V, E>> where each element represents a graph. I need to add edges between all possible pair of graphs. I am using ListIterator over the ArrayList. But how can I implement that ? P.S. I am using Java

I am writing a simple version below with Integer type.

ListIterator<Integer> it1 = (ListIterator<Integer>) aL.iterator();
ListIterator<Integer> it2 = (ListIterator<Integer>) aL.iterator();
while (it1.hasNext()) {
    Integer i1 = it1.next();    
    while (it2.hasNext()) {
        Integer i2 = it2.next();
        if (!i2.equals(i1)) {
            ... //do something between i1 and i2    

The problem is for the type Graph <V, E> it is a part of jgrapht library (extending Object) and I may need to extend Graph<V, E> to implement compareTo() and equals() methods from the Comparable interface. Is there any other way ?

So what I am looking for is something like this (pseudocode below)

//I have populated an ArrayList gList of Graph<V,E> before

//initiate the graph iterators
ListIterator<Graph<V,E>> gIter1 = (ListIterator<Graph<V,E>>) gList.iterator();
ListIterator<Graph<V,E>> gIter2 = (ListIterator<Graph<V,E>>) gList.iterator();
while (gIter1.hasNext()) {
    Graph<V,E> g1 = gIter1.next();  
    while (gIter2.hasNext()) {
        Graph<V,E> g2 = gIter2.next();
        if (!g2.equals(g1)) {
            ... //add edges between g1 and g2
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What you have tried? Show us what you have. –  Nambari Sep 19 '12 at 21:13
yes I have added the code. But it's not clear what's the reason behind giving negative points –  somnathchakrabarti Sep 19 '12 at 21:20
Well, having code at first place might have avoided this question being closed. I will vote to re-open. –  Nambari Sep 19 '12 at 21:22
@Nambari: So I have shown the code as well as the pseudo code of what I am trying to do. Do you have anything to suggest ? –  somnathchakrabarti Sep 19 '12 at 21:38
Use comparator for comparing two arraylist elements, so don't go ambigous implmentation be simple –  RajeshVijayakumar Sep 20 '12 at 1:01

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