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Why my onclick function cannot unescape single quotes.

This is the format: = ' " ' ' ' ' " ' The single quotes inside the double quotes are messing up my code. Here's my sample code:

     $myfunction = 'onclick="tinyMCE.execCommand('mceInsertContent',false,'<img
     src=icon.gif>');return false;"'

I tried:

using \'

---------------------------- and also

assigning a variable like this

$ggg = "('mceInsertContent',false,'');return false;"; .'

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of course the single quotes will mess up your code as from the PHP's viewpoint it isn't executable code, it is just a string, which should properly escaped by you using \ backslash like this:

 $myfunction = 'onclick="tinyMCE.execCommand(\'mceInsertContent\',false,\'<img
 src=icon.gif>\');return false;"'
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