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I'd like to use driver.FindElement to locate an element, but code has two identical elements ID on main and embedded windows. How can I locate an element within embedded window? Thanks!

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I believe the issue is obvious, ID is meant to be unique. –  javydreamercsw Sep 20 '12 at 22:29

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What is "embedded window" in your case? If all windows are in one DOM-tree then you shouldn't expect right behavior of driver.FindElement, because ID should be unique value.

If you mean pop-up window, that you can use driver.switchTo().window(), but I guess that in this case you won't have this issue.

Anyway, try to use xpath, e.g. driver.findComponent(By.xpath("//*[@id='my_unique_id'][2]"))

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If @id is the same in both elements I'd suggest staying away from it. just use xpaths that are more unique (without attaching to the ID) –  Alex Okrushko Sep 25 '12 at 13:40

ID should be UNIQUE.

If your case it is not POP UP window (pop up window solotion provided above ;D ), Instead of finding solution how to cater for the same ID issue, why not follow a good programming practice to avoid same ID in the same page?

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