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I have a layout view for a specific section (group of views) in my MVC4 application, and this layout should contain a dynamic treeview with navigation options for views that use this layout view. E.g. My layout view says each dependent view will have a treeview at the left. Now the only way I can think of properly loading this treeview in the layout for each dependent view is have it as a mandatory section in each dependent view, and use a common base viewmodel for each dependent view that carries a viewmodel for the treeview. This seems very awkward. How else can I do this?

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I'm not sure that I have understood your question properly, but I think the concept you are looking for is known as "Child Actions" - see RenderAction on MSDN.

This lets you do something conceptually similar to RenderPartial in your view, but rather than having to pass it a model, RenderAction lets you create an action to retrieve the model.

This frees you from your view needing the models for each partial view.

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I knew there was something like that, but had no idea what it was. Thanks. – ProfK Sep 19 '12 at 22:30

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