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Is it possible to draw a curve which consists of multiple segments? For example, I have 4 points and I need to plot curve with segments from point1 to point2 and from point3 to point4, with no connection between point2 and point3. How can I do this?

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One idea that comes to mind is to plot two different curves.

1) Create two ZedGraph.PointPairList items, one with Point1 and Point2 and the other with Point3 and Point4.

2) Use ZedGraph.GraphPane.AddCurve to add two curves, using the overloaded method that takes a PointPairList/iPointList.

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Thanks. I also considered this approach, but thought that exists more sophisticated way to do this, which allows to avoid hiding legend for each of the curve. –  Pavlo Viazovskyy Sep 20 '12 at 8:18

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