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I'm pretty new with JSF (I'm a mobile developer) and I need to run a bulk of processes in a thread. I've read I need to use WorkManager, but I can't find how is that, and how to configure it in JBoss 7.

Does anyody know an easy-to-follow tutorial about that?

Thanks a lot.

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An @Aysnchronous EJB is probably the easiest solution.

Edit 1:

This will look more or less like this:

public BulkProcessor {

    public void doWork(){
        // code there

When you invoke the method it will immediately return but JBoss will then run #doWork in it's own thread. Just remember you'll have to @Inject the object and not instantiate it yourself.

Edit 2:

This is a quick and easy example http://satishgopal.wordpress.com/2011/04/24/ejb-3-1-asynchronous-methods/

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How's that? I'm pretty new at this. –  Carlos Martinez Sep 20 '12 at 13:05

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