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I'm attempting to use this ported version of jQuery File Upload ( I placed the 'fileupload' directory in the root of the project (next my myapp, and modified my file with url(r'^upload/', include('fileupload.urls')), and added 'fileupload', to my INSTALLED_APPS setting in my file. When I try python validate (OR shell OR syncdb) I get this error: Error: No module named fileupload

Did I install the application wrong? I have PIL installed and obviously Django (1.4.1).

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If you're using Django 1.4, and you've installed the fileupload app in the same directory as the, then you probably need to use the path myproject.fileupload instead of fileupload.


url(r'^upload/', include('fileupload.urls'))

The alternative would be to move your fileupload app into the parent directory.

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I feel so stupid now. -_- Thank you! It worked. – user1086337 Sep 19 '12 at 23:21

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