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I have 2 MySQL tables, one for parts, and one for years. I can't figure out how to make a table on stackoverflow.. keeps making headers so here's my weak attempt to explain what I need.

Table 1

id | part_id | years
 0 |    15   | 1945
 1 |    15   | 1946
 2 |    16   | 1944
 3 |    16   | 1947
 4 |    16   | 1948
 5 |    17   | 1953

As you may have guessed, part_id is the id number of the part in the parts table. Now, I know I have this to pull out a distinct part id, based on the year. That part is easy.

SELECT DISTINCT part_id FROM `years` WHERE year BETWEEN 1945 AND 1949 

This is just an example, but that works exactly like I want it to. Gives me

15 and 16. Just one time. Which is great.

Now, do I need to do a loop in php to get the information from parts? I'm not sure how to do a join here.

foreach($item_pulled_from_db as $newid) {
    $query = "SELECT * FROM 'parts' WHERE id = $newid";
} // I know there's more stuff to do in here, just a basic overview for you to look at

Should I do the above code? Is there a way to select a DISTINCT part_id and then pull the data from another table for that ID in MySQL? Or do I have to do a loop like this?

Edit: I hope this isn't too confusing of a question. I'm not very good with words, which is why I like to program. :)

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Use a join:

SELECT parts.*
FROM parts
      FROM years
      WHERE year BETWEEN 1945 AND 1949) years
ON parts.id = years.part_id
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THIS worked perfectly for me. Thanks. I'm still getting used to these joins. And when I throw in new things like DISTINCT (new for me at least) joins start to look kinda scary. Even though I know it's easy stuff. –  Dan Sep 20 '12 at 0:28

You could pull this off using a JOIN in a single query. Try:

SELECT `parts`.* FROM `parts`
INNER JOIN `years` ON `years`.`part_id` = `parts`.`id`
WHERE `years`.`year` BETWEEN 1945 AND 1949

Execute that single query from PHP and then fetch the result set. It should be the same as what you would get using the multiple queries.

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This query give you the result you want:

    years y
    parts p ON p.id = y.part_id
    y.year BETWEEN 1945 AND 1949
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This pulls out what I need, BUT it duplicates information. It pulls each part more than once. I just need to find if a part is between those two numbers, if it is, pull it out once and don't bother with it again. –  Dan Sep 20 '12 at 0:25
Add the DISTINCT option to remove duplicates as I did above. –  Ross Smith II Sep 20 '12 at 1:13

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