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How can I batch-edit entities?

In GAE's data viewer, I can click on a single entity, and then manually type in, and replace any of its values. But how can I do this for multiple (thousands of) entities at once?

I just want to find each entity which have a particular string among its values and replace it with another.

I don't see any controls for this in GAE's dashboard/data-viewer. Or maybe it's possible to accomplish this in-app? It's in python, if that makes a difference...

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Take a look at the remote API which lets you interact with the datastore from the comfort of your SDK. You can do something like this:

q = MyModel.all()
for entity in q:
    # Do your search-and-replace operation on entity

There are caveats regarding performance and the number of entities you can fetch at once, so do read the article.

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You cannot batch-edit entities like you can in a normal SQL server. Possible solutions:

  1. Write your own migration method and call it yourself if you don't have too many entities (in the few thousands).
  2. MapReduce, which can do work in parallel.
  3. Use the remote API, as discussed in the other answer.
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