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I have the following DataGrid

<DataGridTextColumn Header="Registro" Binding="{Binding NumeroRegistro}"    />
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Nome" Binding="{Binding Nome}" Width="*" />
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Login" Binding="{Binding Login}" Width="200" />
<DataGridTemplateColumn Width="30"  >
            <Button Name="btnEditarFisioterapeuta" CommandParameter="{Binding Id}" Click="btnEditarFisioterapeuta_Click">
                        <VisualBrush Visual="{StaticResource appbar_page_edit}" />

And, in the code behind I populate the items of the data grid like this

dgFisioterapeuta.ItemsSource = listOfEntities;

Nothing special. Note that I'm binding the Id of the entity in the Button, so that in the code behind I can get this Id and edit the entity. I was wondering, if the whole DataGrid is bound to a list of entities, why not pass the entire entity as CommandParameter?

Is there a way to do it?

In other words, I want to Change the line

<Button Name="btnEditarFisioterapeuta" CommandParameter="{Binding Id}" >

to something like this.

<Button Name="btnEditarFisioterapeuta" CommandParameter="{Binding The_binding_that_represents_the_entity_of_this_row}" >
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Yes, you can do that, it's very simple:

<Button Name="btnEditarFisioterapeuta" CommandParameter="{Binding}">

(Note that when you write {Binding Id} that's shorthand for {Binding Path=Id}, so to get the whole entity you simply exclude the path.)

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Yeah man, thanks –  Ewerton Sep 20 '12 at 2:34

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