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I researched this question but frankly no answers seemed to fit and seemed above my level to understand.
I have a spreadsheet in excel to tract test scores.

I want to use conditional formatting to turn cells different colors when the score in cell in front of the one behind it is higher, lower, or the same.

The problem is when I try to highlight the rest of the cells in the row to copy (repeat) the conditional formatting the formula doesn't change. It compares each new (next) cell to the first cell in the row instead of the cell just in front of it. The conditions work but the formulas don't.

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Try changing to "R1C1" notion. It makes more sense than the $'s in "A1" mode. If you can get used to "=R[-1]C>R[1]C" then your formulas become much easier to debug. –  Enigmativity Sep 20 '12 at 2:39

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It compares each new (next) cell to the first cell in the row

Check your conditional formatting is relative - its sounds abolute. In more direct terms, ensure there are no $ signs against the rows in your formulae

For example to compare

  • A1 with A2
  • A2 with A3

you would select your range (starting with A2)
(Which formats A3 as =A2=A3 , A4 as =A3=A4 etc)

whereas I think you may have an abolute reference to the first row, something like

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