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I have two questions regarding the following:

I have 3 post-types:

airports harbours trainstations

I want to attach each post to a country in the taxonomy "countries".

And want the following url structure, with archives filtered on each.

http://website.com/[post-type]/ (archive on posttype)
http://website.com/[post-type]/[country-name]/ (archive on posttype AND country)
http://website.com/[post-type]/[country-name]/[post-name]/ (single post)
  1. Can I use the taxonomy "countries" on each of the post-types, or should I make different taxonomies for each of the post-types? Meaning I should use different slugs too? Is there any benefit in splitting them up, or any disadvantage sharing the same taxonomy?

  2. I have set the permalink structure so it functions as above. But now, going to http://website.com/[post-type]/[country-name]/ just shows the archive for that Country and not for that Country from the specific post-type, but from all of them. I have searched:


to find a option to make different templates, but I can't find a template name that filters on both posttype and taxonomy? Ofcourse with some php I could check the URL to make a difference, but that doesn't look like a clean solution. Any thoughts / solutions on this?

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This is not an answer, but I can't make comments here yet.

You might find more luck with the wordpress se.

I'm also searching for similar answers and found these that I think you might find useful:



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