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i'm newbie & trying to learn travis within my PHP development environment.

It's very "basic", i just trying a sample .travis.yml from official guide. But it always failing.

My repo is here https://github.com/rahmatawaludin/learn_travis and my travis build is here http://travis-ci.org/rahmatawaludin/learn-travis .

Could anyone give me some help?

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I guess you followed the PHPUnit manual.

If you want to write a test for class MyClass (file MyClass.php), the corresponding tests would be in class MyClassTest (file MyClassTest.php).

Now if you want to run the test you'd call phpunit like that:

 phpunit MyClassTest

But you called phpunit with the filename, just remove the .php extension, then it should work.

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You were right. Thanks! –  rahmat Oct 13 '12 at 2:46

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