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I try to implement an architecture where a method of my view (annotated with [Path]) gets called triggered by url (like www.mypage.com#mail/verification/87as9dfjkasf78afjk)input. This method dispatches an event so the main application switches states, to make the MailVerificationView visible. Additionaly the method calls remote service to check verification code, when the result returns i am updating the state of my view using "currentState" property, to tell the user if check was successful or not.


When my service returns the result i am chaning the currentState property to "checked" what should results in a update of ui. But nothing happens, after debugging and digging in UIComponent I think i found the problem. My view is not initialized, and that's why currentState changes are not represented in ui. Whats strange is that i logged the lifecycle of my component, and as I can see, the view gets initialized, but somehow the initialize property is false in my handler method.

Here is my code:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
           xmlns:registration="ch.fa.ed.ui.views.usermanagemet.registration.*" creationComplete="init()" >

<!-- Define the states of the application, must match the EState Enum, because these values are used application wide -->
    <s:State name="main"/>
    <s:State name="mail_verification"/>


        import ch.fa.ed.ui.events.TideStateChangeEvent;
        import ch.fa.ed.ui.navigation.NavigationController;
        import ch.fa.ed.ui.views.usermanagemet.registration.MailVerificationView;

        import org.granite.tide.Tide;

        private function init() : void {

         * listens for all the tide state changes events to set the current state and update the ui
        public function onStateChange(event : TideStateChangeEvent) : void {
            currentState = event.state.name;

<s:Label text="My Main View" includeIn="main"/>
<registration:MailVerificationView includeIn="mail_verification"



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Group xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
     xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" creationComplete="onCreationComplete()"


    <s:State id="stateChecking" name="checking" enterState="log('enter checking state')" exitState="log('exit checking state')"/>
    <s:State id="stateChecked" name="checked" enterState="log('enter checked state')" exitState="log('exit checked state')"/>


        import ch.fa.util.buildStringWithParams;
        import ch.fa.ed.constants.ENotificationType;
        import ch.fa.ed.ui.components.notificationbar.NotificationManager;
        import ch.fa.ed.constants.EState;
        import ch.fa.ed.services.interfaces.LocalRegistrationService;
        import ch.fa.ed.ui.events.TideStateChangeEvent;

        import org.as3commons.logging.api.ILogger;
        import org.as3commons.logging.api.getLogger;
        import org.granite.tide.events.TideFaultEvent;
        import org.granite.tide.events.TideResultEvent;

        private static const LOG : ILogger = getLogger(MailVerificationView);

        public var registrationService : LocalRegistrationService;

        public function checkVerificationCode(code : String) : void {
            LOG.info("checkVerificationCode(): initialized = {0}", [initialized]);

            // dispatch event to change content to the PasswordResetView
            dispatchEvent(new TideStateChangeEvent(EState.MAIL_VERIFICATION, true));

            // check if the link is valid
            registrationService.checkVerificationLink(code, onCheckedVerificationCode, onFault);

        private function onCheckedVerificationCode(resultEvent : TideResultEvent) : void {
            LOG.debug("onCheckedVerificationCode(): result = {0} / initialized = {1}", [String(resultEvent.result), initialized]);
            // FIXME : component is not initialized therefore the currentState property change is not reflected in ui
            currentState = "checked";

        private function onFault(faultEvent : TideFaultEvent) : void {
            LOG.error("onFault(): got error during checking the verification link: {0}", [faultEvent.fault.message]);

        // add some extra log statements
        override public function set initialized(value : Boolean) : void {
            super.initialized = value;
            LOG.info("initialized changed to <{0}>", [value]);

         * Some log statemenents showing component lifecycle
        private function onCreationComplete() : void {
            LOG.info("onCreationComplete(): initialized = {0}", [initialized]);

        private function onInitialize() : void {
            LOG.info("onInitialize(): initialized = {0}", [initialized]);

        // logs messages to SOSLogger
        private function log(message : String, args : Array = null) : void {
            LOG.debug(message, args);


<s:Label id="lbl" text="Checking verification code..." includeIn="checking"/>
<s:Label text="Your Email-Address was successfully activated" includeIn="checked"/>

And here my LOG ouput: (see last line, where initialized is false, but never changed to)

Main.swf(10:59:3.334) MailVerificationView: checkVerificationCode(): initialized = false
Main.swf(10:59:3.403) MailVerificationView: onInitialize(): initialized = false
Main.swf(10:59:3.403) Main: changeState to state <mail_verification>
Main.swf(10:59:3.466) MailVerificationView: enter checking state
Main.swf(10:59:3.484) MailVerificationView: onCreationComplete(): initialized = true
Main.swf(10:59:3.484) MailVerificationView: initialized changed to <true>
Main.swf(10:59:13.216) MailVerificationView: onCheckedVerificationCode(): result = expired / initialized = false


I have no idea why the component is not initialized at the time the remote service returns its result. I hopped to add a ChangeWatcher to the initialized property but its not bindable, so its hard to say when and why it gets changed. Thats why i have overwritten the setter of property "initialized" to add some extra logging. But it never changes between creation finished and remote service returns result (see LOG), but is false when receiving remote service result.


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I don't see where you make the call to the remote service, can't you just delay making that call until creationComplete is fired on the component, also have you tried playing with the creationPolicy at all? –  shaunhusain Sep 20 '12 at 4:48
The call is made in method "checkVerificationCode(code : String)" called by entering an url like <www.mypage.com#mail/verification/fajslf78ssfj89h3> in broswer. If you check my log the creationComplete is fired before my service call returns. But you are right i should synchonize this, to be sure the component is initialized when service call returns (can't be sure that everyone has same internet connection speed). But for now this does not solve my problem, because component is already initialized (creation complete fired) in my case. –  Michael Wittwer Sep 21 '12 at 5:44

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