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I have thousands of text boxes in my winforms application.

I want to disable copy pasting for text boxes for numeric values for text boxes which should allow only numbers (integers).

For ex:

Employee number: 1234567
  1. I tried setting false to the ShortcutsEnabled property of text box , it completely stops disabling the entire copy & paste, which i don't want, i want to allow copy pasting for numbers.
  2. I can get data from clipboard


and check whether


to check number/string.

Is there any general approach that i can use instead of going and pinning the code for each code or use regex expression ?

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Can I know the reason behind disabling copy paste only for non-numeric... If it is to avoid validation, I will not recommend you go by that approach, as it will not be user friendly... Instead you can use a validator for the same. – The King Sep 20 '12 at 4:23

Use a MaskedTextBox or NumericUpDown instead of a TextBox.

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Once simple approach to not disabling at all is to just use a numeric masked textbox that way bad input (non-numeric) will be rejected. Not only for copypaste but for direct input also.

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How do i do it? there are already text boxes inside the application, do i change everything via design mode? which i don't way. – Sharpeye500 Sep 20 '12 at 3:55

Use TextChanged event and check the validate of the current text in it and if you are going to use that textbox in many win forms so I suggest you create an advance user control of TextBox and overide its TextChanged method.

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