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I use Sybase ASE 15.5 on Windows server 2008 and use Sybase central (JDBC driver) for management. After configured my machine to IPv6 only mode ( pure IPv6) and correct the DSEDIT connection properties, I can ping Datase server and access Database by the ISQL utility (Open client program in C++).

However, the Sybase central does not allow IPv6 address in the Host name field






I tried some other JDBC tool like DbVisualizer but it only allow IPv4, not IPv6




Is there any Database management tool (JDBC driver) that support the Database server address in IPv6 format?

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Try to put brackets [ ] around the IPv6 address. It is mandatory in URLs and might work here as well.

Another way might be to connect using a hostname that resolves to an IPv6 address. Either by using DNS or your local hosts file.

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I tried it, however it does not work. The problem is the Sybase central's (or DbVisualizer's) IP validation. They only allow IPv4 format input. Additon, the [IPv6] is used in web browser. –  Tuan Sep 20 '12 at 4:56

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