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Actually, this is my problem. I have a rails app with a MainController, a HttpHelper and a ServiceHelper.


class MainController < ApplicationController
    include ServiceHelper
    def my_method


module ServiceHelper
    class Service
        include HttpHelper
        def self.make_stuff
Service = ServiceHelper::Service


module HttpHelper
    def http__foo

If everything work well, this code should tell me if the :bar param exist, but I have a problem. Firstly, this code doesn't work, it tells me that http__foo is not defined, certainly because the include HttpHelper in Service doesn't work.

My second probleme is that if the include works, there will probably be a problem with the params variable. If I call this method (http__foo) in the controller, it will be fine, but I call this from a subclass, then I'm not sure it's be reliable.

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make_stuff is a class method. http_foo is an instance method. Hence, when you call http__foo from your make_stuff, it is like calling Service.http_foo() which is not defined. What is defined is Service.new.http_foo().

I don't know what you want to do but in my humble opinion, by watching your code, it does not seem you are really familiar with Rails MVC concept and creating a MainController (why not use ApplicationController?), as well as the way you use your helpers is weird to me. It might be a good idea to restart from scratch.

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Ok, it seems weird to talk about instance for a module, but I finally understood that you was talking of it after the include. I was just trying some tricks, MVC is not a problem, I was just trying to customize helpers, but it's a bad idea ;) –  Jérôme Boé Sep 20 '12 at 16:02

oldergod is correct about the class vs. instance methods issue. Additionally, params is a method defined in ActionControllor, which is somewhere above the inheritance tree of all your controllers. The params method will NOT be available in the Service (which is where it ends up when you include HttpHelper in Service), unless you make it a subclass of ActionController or ApplicationController, which would be a little strange since it isn't a controller.

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