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I have two Java EE applications that are able to talk to each others' remote interfaces via JNDI lookup. I'd like to deploy both applications to a single glassfish domain but have them run on separate JVMs. Is this setup possible?

Glassfish clusters seems to be the answer, however it doesn't look like I can control which instance gets which application -- it seems I have to deploy applications to the cluster itself which then pushes it out to all instances.

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Deploying to a single instance in a cluster is not possible. Oracle customer support answer:

"I can confirm that what you are after is not possible. You cannot target a single instance if that instance is part of a cluster. That's what clusters are designed for and if you are not looking after cluster functionality, you can go with standalone instances."

One possible solution could be to use the Domain Administration Server (DAS) for deployment of application A and the cluster for deployment of application B. But remember that you don't have High Availability (HA) for application A then. This is just a possible solution not my recommendation.

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