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I use the official example from the elmah wiki, but this error keeps show up in my log, how can i fix it? following is my elmah configuration, thanks a lot.

    <sectionGroup name="elmah">
      <section name="security" requirePermission="false" type="Elmah.SecuritySectionHandler, Elmah" />
      <section name="errorLog" requirePermission="false" type="Elmah.ErrorLogSectionHandler, Elmah" />
      <section name="errorMail" requirePermission="false" type="Elmah.ErrorMailSectionHandler, Elmah" />
      <section name="errorFilter" requirePermission="false" type="Elmah.ErrorFilterSectionHandler, Elmah" />

    <errorLog type="Elmah.SqlErrorLog, Elmah" connectionStringName="elmah" />
    <security allowRemoteAccess="yes" />
                <regex binding="Exception.Message" pattern="(?ix: \b potentially \b.+?\b dangerous \b.+?\b value \b.+?\b detected \b.+?\b client \b )" />
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I found the answer on another thread. stackoverflow.com/questions/10799538/… –  DanielH Jan 13 '14 at 15:12

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You might be missing the HTTP modules?

<add name="ErrorLog" type="Elmah.ErrorLogModule, Elmah"/>
<add name="ErrorFilter" type="Elmah.ErrorFilterModule, Elmah"/>
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