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I have found a few similar requests here that explain this, but mine is slightly different and I still can't get my head around it. Sorry, am new user, so I have to fuddle with the example urls because I'm only allowed two.

I have a domain with SSL cert: https colon // mysubdomain.myfullurl dotcom
I also have a domain without SSL: http colon // mysubdomain.mfu dotcom

Someone has erroneously printed material with:
https colon // mysubdomain.mfu dotcom/somefolder/
which should really go to:
https colon // mysubdomain.myfullurl dotcom/somefolder/

My client has advised me to do a 301 redirect for this link, and all traffic at But can I do a 301 on an https that doesn't actually have the SSL cert?

This is the entire contents of my htaccess file, and nothing else is in the server directory:

# Redirect to
Redirect 301 /

At a url checker, it can only check http redirects (not https), but when I check the url it shows a 302, not 301 redirect.

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