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I would like to be able to save the CGContextRef after calling UIGraphicsBeginImageContext to use it later in a background thread which is responsible for delivering images every 1/25 seconds.

The problem i faced while using UIGraphicsBeginImageContext every time the selector gets called from background thread is that it takes time to create the context and i fail to draw an image every 1/25 seconds.

I tried using CGBitmapContextCreate but i dont get the same image quality of that created by the UIGraphicsBeginImageContext()-->[image drawInRect]

I tried calling UIGraphicsBeginImageContext on viewDidLoad and save the CGContextRef right after it so i can use it in later calls but the context is getting released somehow and so i get the "CGContextDrawImage: invalid context 0x0" error right after calling [image drawInRect] and the image i get from UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext() is null afterwards.

Is it possible to Begin a single image context to use throughout the lifetime of the application? if yes, how? or else please advise if there are other options to save my context.

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First, it's a confusing to create a graphics context on one thread and then pass it to a different thread. Just create the graphics context on the background thread in the first place.

Second, since UIGraphicsBeginImageContext manipulates UIKit's graphics context stack, it's confusing to try to save the CGContext that it creates and use it later (presumably after you've called UIGraphicsEndImageContext). It might work if you retain the CGContextRef; I haven't tried it.

What you should do is just use the Core Graphics APIs directly. Create your context using CGBitmapContextCreate, get a CGImage from it using CGBitmapContextCreateImage, and convert the CGImage to a UIImage using +[UIImage imageWithCGImage:] if necessary.

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I agree with you rob about using CGBitmapContextCreateImage on the same thread. This is what i did! But the problem with this method is with the CGContextDrawImage i call on the context. It is drawing the image upside down and the colors are wrong :S –  Marc Matta Sep 20 '12 at 12:16

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