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I am not able to click on following link using selenium webdriver:

  <a class="xyz" style="" href="/Folder">My Folders</a>

I am using the code:

abhiFX.findElement(By.partialLinkText("My Folders")).click();
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Try to use xpath instead:

public void clickElement() {

    try {
        WebElement element = abhiFX.findElement(
            By.xpath("//a[contains(text(),'My Folders')]"));
    } catch (InvalidSelectorException e) {
        throw new AssertionError("[FAIL] Click Element: Xpath is invalid.");
    } catch (NoSuchElementException e) {
        throw new AssertionError(
                "[FAIL] Click Element: Unable to locate element");

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I see these potential problems:

  1. Are you sure that your HTML 'works' at all if you load the page in a browser and click on the link? What's the expected result of the click?
  2. Is your driver abhiFX initialized properly? Does .click() on other elements work well?
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