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The getCursor() javadoc said:

Returns: a Cursor or null if this query result cannot be resumed

What does the word "resumed" mean in the context?

My code is like below:

        com.googlecode.objectify.cmd.Query q = createQuery();
        QueryResultIterator<T> itr = q.iterator();
        while( itr.hasNext() )
            list.add( );
       String newCursorValue = itr.getCursor().toWebSafeString();

It throws NPE just because itr.getCursor() is emtpy. This method works well for a long time but fails today when i modify the Query condition(but it is valid). But i can't see why the query condition can affect the getCursor() method.

Anybody please shed some light? By the way i use GAE/J v1.7.1, Objectify 4a3.

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You should read about limitations of cursors. This basically defines when query can be "resumed".

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Thank you Peter, that just clear my question-- the doc say: "Because the NOT_EQUAL and IN operators are implemented with multiple queries, queries that use them do not support cursors, nor do composite queries constructed with the CompositeFilterOperator.or method." – Mike Sep 20 '12 at 6:37
Thanks for pointing this out, I was stuck at exactly this. What's perplexing, though, is that the IN clause works fine in a Unit Test with the LocalDatastoreService test service. I may file a bug for this! – BK- Apr 9 at 18:25

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