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By some mysterious reasons I got myself a jailbroken iPhone 3GS from a vendor whom I am finding difficult to track. My task is to test out in app purchase functionality on it. Currently it has iOS 5.0.1 with cydia installed. No, it does not have Appsync.

I am installing my build through testflightapp API which works without issues with my app so far. However when I initiate in app purchase, I don't get anything in response.products so far.

I have added productIDs and all in itunes-connect already, checked twice that they are fine, since 48 hours.

I tried testing with iPhone simulator 5.1, but all I got was no values from storekit. I would love to hear if there is any workaround with simulator.

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I double-checked everything on apple docs. Yet, no progress on this one. On itunes-connect, here are the status: 1) For my app: Waiting For Upload 2) For my in app purchase product: Waiting for Review 3) In app purchase product: Cleared for sale - Yes 4) Product ID requested: com.companyname.productname 5) App ID for provisioning profile with which app is built: com.companyname.appname 6) App ID used to create app on iTunes connect: same as above - com.companyname.appname My testflightapp account is also updated with profile in 5) above, still no result. I see no reason why..but... – Nirav Bhatt Sep 20 '12 at 19:44
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Worked around this finally - deleted my app from itunes connect, re-added it. It complained about name being already used. I changed the language of name. And it worked.

Maybe, my prior app setup was right, but I had something else messed up. In between, I rejected my app. That maybe one of the reason behind this issue.

Lesson? Don't developer reject your app.

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