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Hi i am having problems reading out the nodes of a XML file? I cant find the child nodes in the XML. This code finds no nodes. if i change:

XmlNodeList dataNodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("//Properties");


XmlNodeList dataNodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("//NewDataSet");

Then i get two nodes returned i get properties and requestdata, but i want the properties child nodes.

Could some one please tel me why i cant see the child nodes of properties and please help me to find them.

Here is my C# code.

if (File.Exists("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//Visual Studio 2010//Projects//LightStoneTestService//LightStoneTestService//FileTest//Testdo.xml")) //In bin and Debug
    XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();

    xmlDoc.Load("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//Visual Studio 2010//Projects//LightStoneTestService//LightStoneTestService//FileTest//Testdo.xml");

    XmlNodeList dataNodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("//Properties");

    foreach (XmlNode node in dataNodes)
        int Count = 0;
        int Max = node.ChildNodes.Count;
        foreach (XmlNode childNode in node.ChildNodes) //For each child node in FieldData
           if (ArrayProperties[Count].LightStoneTag == childNode.Name)
            ArrayProperties[Count].Value = node.SelectSingleNode(ArrayProperties[Count].LightStoneTag).InnerText;
           Count = Count + 1;

Here is my XML file i am trying to read all the nodes in properties:

  <RequestData xmlns="RequestData">
  <Properties xmlns="Properties">
    <TownShip>ALLENS NEK</TownShip>
    <Township_alt>ALLEN'S NEK EXT 32</Township_alt>

New Part

I am having troubles pulling out the inner text, my code is in the foreach above, my app keeps breaking on the line:

ArrayProperties[Count].Value = node.SelectSingleNode(ArrayProperties[Count].LightStoneTag).InnerText;

Could someone please show me how to pull out a value from an XML File.

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What is your problem? Please ask a more detailed question! – derape Sep 20 '12 at 6:29
@derape ok added more detail, What i am trying to achieve is to read all those child nodes of properties in my for-each. – Pomster Sep 20 '12 at 6:34
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Here is the sample code

code for loading the file

private const string XML_FILE_NAME = "sample.xml";
public static XmlDocument LoadSampleXML()
        XmlDocument oXmlDocument = null;

            oXmlDocument= new XmlDocument();
            return oXmlDocument;
        catch (Exception ex)
            return oXmlDocument;

Following code you can use to get child nodes

 private const string XML_NODE_PROP = "Properties";
 XmlDocument oXmlDocument = null;
 oXmlDocument = LoadSampleXML();
 XmlNodeList oXMlNodeList = oXmlDocument.GetElementsByTagName(XML_NODE_PROP);

 foreach (XmlNode oXmlNodeItem in oXMlNodeList)
               // DoSomething
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I am having trouble getting the inner text out of the XML file you can check my code under the foreach above, it keeps breaking on this line: ArrayProperties[Count].Value = node.SelectSingleNode(ArrayProperties[Count].LightStoneTag).InnerText; – Pomster Sep 20 '12 at 7:42

No big XML-knowledge at my side, but since Properties is a childnode of NewDataSet, my guess is that you first have to get the Properties node and with that you can probably get the nodes you want.

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I thin you are right, but how would i go about getting the child node of a child node? – Pomster Sep 20 '12 at 7:05
@Pommy I see that Manish already posted the sample code. I couldn't have helped you with that. Never read an XML before. Only posted an educated guess after looking at the structure of the XML-file. ;-) – Koen Sep 20 '12 at 7:39

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