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I'm new to MFC. Can anyone please tell me how can I get handle separate windows using MFC. My task is to take screenshot of separate windows and I want to display it. By using CWnd::GetDesktopWindow I’ll take the handle for desktop. If I want to get handle for other windows how can I get it. Now i got the handle for desktop if I want to display the desktop which I captured how I can do it. Please anyone help me.

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It depends on what types of window do you want to get. To retrieve some window has specified class name or caption, please use API FindWindow(...) with class&caption as input; to get all the child windows under desktop or some top level window, you could use EnumWindows(...) in a recursive function.

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In order to get the handle to all the windows on your desktop, you need the function EnumWindows.

You provide it with a callback function and it will call it with a handle to each window it finds.

To get an MFC CWnd* from a HWND, you can do this:

CWnd *const window = CWnd::FromHandle(hWnd);
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