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I am trying to open fancybox programmatically. Not through link. Once user click addform and i create form manually and show the form in fancybox. sout variable contains the form html. $.fancybox({ openEffect : "none", closeEffect : "none", autoDimensions : false, width : 620, height : "auto", content : sOut });

Then call this $.fancybox.close();

My problem now is when i clcked same button the fancybox not showing up again. if you have done this let me know. How to close properly fancybox so i can reopen.

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it seems like the first event triggers a js error so fancybox won't work the second time ... but this is just a guess. I could help you better with a link. –  JFK Sep 26 '12 at 5:35

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Probably, you must remove the below command in fancybox code:

'hideOnContentClick': true    
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