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I am having trouble compiling RC file. It was absolutely fine in VS 2005 but when I moved to VS 2012 troubles started.

That is what I have in RC file:

#include <windows.h"  

That is what I have in .props file:

<AdditionalOptions> -DAGPRODVERPATH="\"..\\..\\..\\..\\VisualStudioBuildProducts\\CodeAndFlags\\$(Platform)\\AGDriverControlPanel_$(Configuration)_prodver.h\""

And that is the error I get:

  • Resources\Win\AGDriverControlPanel.rc(3): warning RC4011: identifier truncated to 'AGDriverControlPanel_Debug_prodverRapifamily.h'

  • Resources\Win\AGDriverControlPanel.rc(3): error RC2006: #include expected a file name, found '...'

  • D:\p4client\ProAudio\dev_vs12\ProAudio\VisualStudioBuildProducts\AGDriverControlPanel\Win32\Debug\RCa59288(62): fatal error RC1116: RC terminating after preprocessor errors

Any help?

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#include <windows.h> – R. Martinho Fernandes Sep 20 '12 at 7:18
#include expected a file name, found '...' . I'm just saying, the compiler knows what it's talking about. The first thing that should come to mind is to check your #include lines. – chris Sep 20 '12 at 7:19
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Problem solved.

<AdditionalOptions> -DAGPRODVERPATH="\"..\..\..\..\VisualStudioBuildProducts\CodeAndFlags\$(Platform)\AGDriverControlPanel_$(Configuration)_prodver.h\""

Is an absolute definition now. Instead there should be:

<PreprocessorDefinitions> AGPRODVERPATH="\"..\..\..\..\VisualStudioBuildProducts\CodeAndFlags\$(Platform)\AGDriverControlPanel_$(Configuration)_prodver.h\""

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