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I have an external svg that I embed via an tag. I then use javascript to insert mouse handlers to -s in order to "rotate" them with the mouse. (Just like knobs on a stereo.)

Now, every once in a while, this doesn't work. Firefox then doesn't show the drag-cursor which I told it to show but instead the crossed-out-circle cursor. Also, it doesn't rotate meaning that the javascript is not run. This happens roughly every third time - other times it works great.

To me, it looks like firefox tries to drag the whole svg-object instead of handing the mouse-events over to the javascript and let that do it's magic.

Does that sound familiar to anybody? What could I do?


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Okay, short time after, although I had searched the web, I found the answer myself.

This works just like Dragging/selecting inside SVG in Firefox.

Let me quote from there:

This behaviour is described in the following bug report: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=525591 You can fix this by calling preventDefault() on the event. This really needs to go in an FAQ somewhere.

I have nothing to add :-)

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