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I've got a simple form that needs to be sent to 1 of 2 email addresses depending on what the customer checks for location. I am using Dreamweaver with the FormToEmail.php files. I have made a php file for each location with the correct email within that php file.

How can I specify which php file to use depending on the button/checkbox?

<form action="petprofile.php" method="post">
<table border="0" style="background:#1e1e1e" cellspacing="5">
<tr align="left">
<td><span class="style20" onfocus="MM_validateForm('Pet Profile First Name','','R',
'PetProfile Last Name','','R','Pet Profile Address','','R','Pet Profile
City','','R','Pet Profile State','','R','Pet Profile Zip','','R','Pet Profile
Email','','R','Emergency Contact','','R','Emergency Contact Phone','','R');return
<td><span class="style19">Customer Information</span></td>
<td>Which location would you like to have your evaluation performed?</td>
<input name="radio" type="radio" id="Eval CH" value="Eval CH" checked="checked" />   
Capital Hill (420 E Denny)<br />
<input name="radio" type="radio" id="Eval ELL" value="Eval ELL" />
Elliott (1405 Elliott Ave) </label></td>
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1 Answer

The easiest way I see here is to simply change the form action when a certain input is clicked, something like:

<form name="some_form" action="petprofile.php" method="post">

add a name to your form for convenience and then do something like:

<input name="radio" type="radio" id="Eval CH" value="Eval CH" onclick="javascript:document.some_name.action='fileA.php';" checked="checked" />
<input name="radio" type="radio" id="Eval ELL" value="Eval ELL" onclick="javascript:document.some_name.action='fileB.php';" />

P.S.: Though, most likely you would be better off simply doing something like this in your PHP:

$radio = isset($_POST['radio']) ? $_POST['radio'] : 'default';

switch ($radio) {
    case 'Eval CH':
        // Do something for Eval CH radio being checked
    case 'Eval ELL':
        // Do something for Eval ELL radio being checked

This way you won't depend on someone actually having to have their javascript enabled. Even if it's not an issue most of the time, I just think it's a good practice to take everything into consideration.

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