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I have this code

$("#dummy_div").on('submit', "form", function(event){

Does the event object contain hold the query string or data of the submitted form? If not, is there a way to get them short of iterating over the form fields?

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Do you want all form values in jvascript vars? you could use jQuery each to iterate over the fields. or use the .serializeArray(). – Maurice Sep 20 '12 at 7:58
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Getting the query string for a form is quite easy, just use .serialize(). .serializeArray() may be also helpful

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no the event doesn't store the querystring, but you could obtain all the fields value via serialize() jQuery method applied to the form to obtain a querystring-like value

See for further reference

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You can use serialize

$("#dummy_div").on('submit', "form", function(event){
    var form = $(this);

       url: form.attr('action'),
       type: form.attr('method'),
       data: form.serialize(),
       success: function(r) { }
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