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I'm using KnockoutJS to iterate over an object, like this:

Now this all works. But the problem i have is that it sets the id of the button to just a number. So it looks like this:

<button id="1">Button 1</button>
<button id="3">Button 2</button>
<button id="8">Button 3</button>

So i tried to put a prefix in front of the the 'Id' property, like so:

<div data-bind="foreach:Items">
    <button data-bind="text: Name, attr: {'id': 'myprefix_' + Id}"></button>

But that doesn't seem to be working. My id gets filled with some Knockout observable function when i do it like that...

So my question is, how can i add a prefix when i specify the id attribute of a field?

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If Id is an observable, you must "unwrap" it: 'myprefix_' + Id().

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Thanks, that did the trick! :) –  w00 Sep 20 '12 at 8:34

Actually used this today - to unwrap the observable I had to do:

<button data-bind="attr: { id: 'prefix_' + $index() }"> Send </button>

Hope this helps.

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I think it's best to use the $index for example

<div data-bind="foreach:Items">
    <button data-bind="text: Name, attr: {id: 'myprefix_' + $index }"></button>
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I upvoted before I found, at least in my particular case, that I had to use "$index()", not just "$Index". –  Mark Meuer yesterday

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