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I'm trying to run my Silverlight tests via a command line (eventually MSBuild) working from this example.

It all works fine on my XP Box but on Build Machine (Windows Server 2008) the IE window opens, then a second window opens with the Silverlight page in it. That page then shows the "Download Silverlight" picture and link. If I copy the URL from that page to a new IE window the page runs fine (no download icon, tests run).

I also tried the code from this article , but get a similar issue - IE opens, then page under test opens in separate window.

Anyone got this working in Win2008? Any pointers?

Edit: chadwickmiller suggesst this is a UAC problem - any advice on how to get around this?



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When moving from trusted to non-trusted Vista/2008 will always open in a new window. This could be what is going on. You might be able to turn off UAC to prevent this from happening.

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Thanks, sounds like the culprit. Is there a way to turn off UAC for just this? I don;t think the admins will go for turning it off all together. –  Mark Aug 10 '09 at 2:59
Not that I'm aware of. –  Chad Miller Aug 10 '09 at 3:45
I think you can use the Shell.Application COM object to get a reference to the new window, and then go on from there. –  JasonMArcher Aug 16 '09 at 4:21

So chadwickmiller got me moving in the right direction. To stop the second window opening I added the test site to my Trusted Sites in IE.

For the reason why (and a solution to) the "Download Silverlight" link was showing see this Question/Answer.

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