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var abc:int=123

//actual output:
//my expected output:

Although I can type trace("abc:"+abc) by hands,but I still want to have a more simple way to trace
I have tried something like

function tracee(word){  
function traceee(word){
var wordd:Srting=word


but these functions are not working. is it possible to have the expected output?

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import flash.utils.describeType;

var num:Number = 47;
function customTrace(word:*){
    trace(describeType(this).variable.@name + " : "+word)


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Excuse me, but describeType(this).variable takes you just xml of variables of that this-object. –  Roman Trofimov Sep 20 '12 at 10:10
yes. certainly; and it do not work if more than one variable available. But it may help him. –  Benny Sep 20 '12 at 10:39

No. Variables are passed to functions by link (memory offset) or by value, so you don't have any data about names.

The one thing I can propose - is to use automatic code generation in IDEs. For example, in IntelliJ Idea it is in Settings -> Live Templates, that you can use via ctrl+J in editor.

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