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I have an evalue number like: 3,49489484848484E-23 and want to round it to 3,48E-23

How can I do it? I can't found any Perl functions that do this rounding.

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Perl doesn't have a round() function. Treating floats is always system-dependent, etc. From the Perl FAQ I can offer you this:

For rounding to a certain number of digits, sprintf() or printf() is usually the easiest route.


Rounding in financial applications can have serious implications, and the rounding method used should be specified precisely. In these cases, it probably pays not to trust whichever system of rounding is being used by Perl, but instead to implement the rounding function you need yourself.

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You can use sprintf or printf:

printf '%.2e', 3.49489484848484E-23; # prints 3.49e-23

See also the Perl FAQ.

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ok. it works fine! Thank yuo a lot! –  Angelo Ulivieri Sep 20 '12 at 9:37
@Angelo you should accept the answer that has helped you the most. –  simbabque Sep 20 '12 at 10:36

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