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I'm using RichTextEditor in my AIR desktop application, built with flex 3.6.

Since there's no undo/redo managament, i'm trying to extend the component functionality.

I got a function I got a problem everytime CTRL+Y are pressed.

This what i actually do when a key is pressed.



public function onKeyDown(event:KeyboardEvent):void
    if (event.ctrlKey && event.charCode == 122)
        // ctrl + z pressed!

    if (event.ctrlKey && event.charCode == 121)
        // ctrl + y pressed!

My problem is that CTRL + Y output also a weird char in my RichTextEditor but i would like to discard it.

I tried to put a event.stopImmediatePropagation(); just after the redo(); but the weird char is appended to my RichTextEditor anyway.

I really don't know how get rid of that.

Any idea?

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You can use this code:

protected function application1_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void {
    myRTE.textArea.addEventListener(TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT, textInput);

private function textInput(event:TextEvent):void {
    // CTRL+V pressed
    if (event.text.length > 1)

RichTextEditor encapsulate and using TextArea. You can add event for TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT to prevent CTRL+V event.

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Thank you so much Ivan! I've just added event.preventDefault() after the redo();. It was enough to do what i needed! –  Davide Berra Sep 20 '12 at 10:42

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