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I have this code working fine for finger swipe gesture i.e. if I swipe my finger it fires the event and calls nextMonth() function. Now is there any way that I can check if I swiped in up direction and down direction so that I can call two different methods on the two different gestures.

            var myGesture = new MSGesture();
            var v = this.element.querySelector(".bartouch");
            myGesture.target = v;
            v.addEventListener("MSGestureEnd", handleListner,false);
            v.addEventListener("MSPointerDown", handleListner, false);

        function handleListner(evt) {
            if (evt.type == "MSPointerDown")   
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You have two choices:

  1. Use MSGesture, and handle the MSGestureStart, MSGestureChange, and MSGestureEnd events to calculate the translation of the users finger (or fingers), and see if they're in the right direction. The event object returned by MSGestureChange includes translateX & translateY properties that tell you how far the user has moved their finger. There is a detailed sample here.

  2. Use Windows.UI.Input.GestureRecognizer and use the gesture settings on the gesture object to set the gesture to be specifically X translate, or Y translate. The Ball Eight sample shows how to do this. It primarily involves creating the GestureRecognizer class, and feeding it events by handling MSPointer[Down|Move|Up|Cancel] DOM events on the DIV you want to look at the interactions on, and passing them to your (shared) recognizer instance through it's process[Down|Move|Up]Event handler.

Personally, I would recommend using 2, rather than 1 -- while it is more difficult to setup, you will end up with the user having a consistent gesture experience for swipes, flicks etc. rather than you having to hand tweak your gestures as you would if you chose method 1.

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I've successfully used HammerJS in one of my games to handle gestures in various directions.

This is all the code I needed to handle all four directions:

var hammerOptions = { swipeVelocityX: 0.1, swipeVelocityY: 0.1 };
Hammer(contentContainer, hammerOptions).on("swipeleft", function(event) { moveBlocksLeft(); });
Hammer(contentContainer, hammerOptions).on("swiperight", function(event) { moveBlocksRight(); });
Hammer(contentContainer, hammerOptions).on("swipeup", function(event) { moveBlocksUp(); });
Hammer(contentContainer, hammerOptions).on("swipedown", function(event) { moveBlocksDown(); });

Where contentContainer is a div containing the content, and each direction has a function to handle the gesture further.

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