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I receive that error during the visualization of the email-html body in a spreadsheet.

Script or content HTML not valid: HtmlOutput:11+28 - 45: malformed url tel:02-64484862 HtmlOutput:60+14 - 32: malformed url tel:051%20256011 HtmlOutput:60+102 - 120: malformed url tel:051%20256041 HtmlOutput:93+14 - 43: malformed url tel:%2B%2B39%20051%20256011 HtmlOutput:94+13 - 42: malformed url tel:%2B%2B39%20051%20256041. (line 12)

In my spreadsheet there are cells whose comment is the body of an email, and i want to visualize the email body in a spreadsheet.

Here is the code that i use.

var indiceRigaPerCuiVisualizzareEmail=SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getActiveCell().getRowIndex();

SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().show(HtmlService.createHtmlOutput(SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getRange(indiceRigaPerCuiVisualizzareEmail, 4).getComment()));

The problem i think is the sanitization that is done by Caja. So how i can handle the case that an email contains invalid/unsafed content for Caja sanitization? If the original content of the e-mail can't be visualized, there is a workaround to visualize only the simple text of the email without html tags?

Thank you in advance

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for first visualization. You should then see which tags need to be corrected.

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