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I have to make a bandwidth test with javascript and php, I use jQuery, and try all browsers, but:

  • Firefox - UP: 7-8 Mbps
  • Explorer 9 - UP: 7-8 Mbps
  • Opera - UP: 7-8 Mbps
  • Safari - UP: sometimes 800-900 kbps
  • Chrome - UP: 100-200 kbps or no data

Have you any idea to increase the performance of these browsers or other good technology to measure speed?

sendFile: function (s, d, m){ // size, data, metric
    m++; // how many times I tried to post data
    console.log('m: '+m);
    time = new Date(); 
    endTime3=time.getTime(); // execute time start
            type : 'POST',
            url : '/vegpont/savszelesseg/',
            timeout: 30000,
            dataType: 'text',
            cache: false,
            data: {
                index : 3,
                text: d // large data, min 512 KB to 
            success : function(data){
                console.log('kB: '+s);
                time = new Date(); 
                endTime4=time.getTime(); // execute time end
                console.log('sec: '+(endTime4-endTime3)/1000);
                if(((endTime4-endTime3)/1000)<sec){ // sec now equals 4
                    speedTest.createFile(s*2, m); // create a data which is 's' (aka size) large then call this sendfile method
                    var delta=(endTime4-endTime3)/1000;
                    var res=Math.round(s/delta);
                    $('div#speedResult3').html('<b>UP:</b><br/>kB: '+s+', '+
                    'sec: '+delta+'<br/>' +
                    '<b>~ '+res*8+' kbps</b>');

            error : function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {
                        $('div#speedResult3').html('<b>UP:</b><br/>sikertelen mérés');
                        speedTest.createFile(s, m); // create a data which is 's' (aka size) large then call this sendfile method
    }else{ ...
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"increase these browsers"? What would you like to increase? –  Jocelyn Sep 20 '12 at 10:52
oh, sorry, lost word: performance –  Eleanor Sep 20 '12 at 10:59
Maybe the problem comes from webkit. Are you try with other browsers based on webkit ? –  Charles Jourdan Sep 20 '12 at 12:25
Can you post that script online so we can do an actual benchmark? Would be great if you include login for the browser engin version as well. –  codingjoe Sep 22 '12 at 19:48

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From my personal experience JQuery (and most webkits) are bloated and causes a multitude of issues because they are more concerned with re-inventing the wheel to make their own crossbrowser version of a functionality than to provide an optimized extension of what is detected to be missing. To that end there is a lot of extra overhead these webkits (aka. javascript api's) create for a multitude of reasons.

I reccomend that you try pure javascript native AJAX calls to see what the performance is like.

Links how to accomplish this with pure javascript:

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