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I'm trying to check out a svn repo. So far so good, the checkout worked but there are no Packages. Is there a way to get the right packages in eclipse?

All the given data I do have is this:

svn co https://jensembl.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jensembl jensembl

Furthermore, I'll add the link to the program, which i want to get working. link to JEnsembl

/edit added a link to the explorer view of the current project link

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What happens when you run that command? What do you expect to happen? –  Pål Brattberg Sep 20 '12 at 10:37
i expect it to become a normal project with all the required packages in eclipse. I also used the eclipse svn plugin with the link. But nothing makes the right packages. Am I missing something? –  Jürgen Stürmer Sep 20 '12 at 10:40

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You need to generate eclipse project files using Maven.

See http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-ide-eclipse.html


$ mvn install
$ mvn -Declipse.workspace=<path-to-eclipse-workspace> eclipse:add-maven-repo
$ mvn eclipse:eclipse
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i tried your approach as well, but i get this error: –  Jürgen Stürmer Sep 20 '12 at 12:44
juergen@Kleystation-NB:~/FH/Bakk/jensemble$ mvn install [INFO] Scanning for projects... Downloading: repo1.maven.org/maven2/uk/ac/roslin/jensembl-parent/1.13/… [INFO] Unable to find resource 'uk.ac.roslin:jensembl-parent:pom:1.13' in repository central (repo1.maven.org/maven2) [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ERROR] FATAL ERROR [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Error building POM (may not be this project's POM). –  Jürgen Stürmer Sep 20 '12 at 12:46
Go into the sub folder jensembl-parent and run mvn install first –  Pål Brattberg Sep 21 '12 at 6:24
Did you get it to work? –  Pål Brattberg Oct 3 '12 at 13:58
A friend of mine was able to, but I dont know how. He exported the files for me and now it runs like a charm. Sadly no solution from here did work for me. But thanks for your request. –  Jürgen Stürmer Oct 4 '12 at 7:29

You can import as a maven project and I feel that is the better way also

I have gone thru the repo you mentioned.

In Eclipse

  1. File--> Import --> Check out Maven Projects from SCM

select svn and use this url


or any subdirectory which contains the pom.xml

and see you can proceed further

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Where do you select SVN? I'm not able to, see this link: oi46.tinypic.com/2hpqczs.jpg –  Jürgen Stürmer Sep 20 '12 at 11:24
In the second Window after selecting Check out Maven Projects from SCM where we can see a drop down you can select svn and next is the text box where you can type the SVN url mentioned above. I think this is introduced in eclipse recently. I use Eclipse Helios. –  Binu Sep 20 '12 at 12:06

On your harddisk a package is a normal folder. If you have the project in eclipse it has to know which of the folders are source folders. Eclipse will show all folders in a source folder as packages and recognize the classed as part of the project. Open the properties of the project. At first you have to go to the category Project Facets and enable Java. After that you can go to the category Java Build Path and add all source folders in the Source tab.

Furthermore you checked out the whole SVN repository which seems to contain a few projects/modules. You want to check them out (or at least import them to Eclipse) seperatly from the trunk folder. I'm also seeing that your project is a maven project so you might want to read up on maven and how to check out projects in eclipse. Here is a short how-to. Again you only want the trunk folder. If you want to know what that is you can read it up here.

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