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I have written a small script as below:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
CMD = Wscript.Arguments(0)
WshShell.Run CMD

Now I want to call this script and pass a parameter as below:

I:\VbScript.vbs \\svaaoffprg2\ODrive\pros_groups\GRMS\GmLoad5.exe/f="\\Svaakntnas537\BODI\Data Files\ACC\PROS_LOAD\G5\Staging\VSGPNR120918.DAT"

Please can you advise how can I do this as this inverted commas in parameter call are causing issues.

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Double-quoting shall work:

I:\VbScript.vbs "\\svaaoffprg2\ODrive\pros_groups\GRMS\GmLoad5.exe/f="\\Svaakntnas537\BODI\Data Files\ACC\PROS_LOAD\G5\Staging\VSGPNR120918.DAT""

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Good answer, bad implementation. It should be: I:\VbScript.vbs "\\svaaoffprg2\ODrive\pros_groups\GRMS\GmLoad5.exe/f=""\\Svaakntnas537\BODI\Data Files\ACC\PROS_LOAD\G5\Staging\VSGPNR120918.DAT""" –  AutomatedChaos Sep 21 '12 at 15:41
cscript.exe I:\VbScript.vbs "\\svaaoffprg2\ODrive\pros_groups\GRMS\GmLoad5.exe/f=\\Svaakntnas537\BODI\Data Files\ACC\PROS_LOAD\G5\Staging\VSGPNR120918.DAT"

cscript.exe I:\VbScript.vbs "\svaaoffprg2\ODrive\pros_groups\GRMS\GmLoad5.exe/f=", "\Svaakntnas537\BODI\Data Files\ACC\PROS_LOAD\G5\Staging\VSGPNR120918.DAT"

Try this it works for me.

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