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I am developing a j2me polish app,and I used words in Persian(same as Arabic) words. but in some older SonyEricsson phones the words are separated and reversed. I searched the web but I found some topic in LWUIT and not polish. how can I solve my problem in these phones.

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Some devices have not persian font engine so when you try to show a persian word,you see some problem in arranging of chrarcters and ... . You have two problems:

  1. Separated form of characters.
  2. Reversed arranging of characters.

To solve first problem,you can use one of these:

  • change the byte code of your App
  • use custom font
  • use a picture that display the word that you want to show
  • use fonts of device(if device has proper font)

For more details look at this link,that I answered some months ago.
To solve second problem,look at this link,I displayed an idea there.

Of course I answer those questions in persian and if you do not know persian,tell me to give you more details.Finally please tell me, if your problem will solved.

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