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The ruby extensions in the "ext" directory of my ubuntu ruby interpreter i.e. zlib, etc, io, ... fail to load.

I mean they're recognized as extensions - I don't get a "no such file" error, yet they fail to load (i.e. return false).

Running this: puts require 'zlib'

prints "false"

Is there a way of tracking down why a module fails to load? some kind of trace or debug I could use?

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require will return false if the file is already loaded. Are you sure that isn't the case? –  Chuck Aug 9 '09 at 15:20
I meant that I launch ruby or irb and just type the one-liner "puts require 'zlib'" so I don't think that zlib is already loaded. Doing exactly the same thing on my mac (which I also build from source) returns "true", as does the binary install on my vista machine... I just think that there's a problem loading the shared library for zlib but I'd like to be able to see what's going on... –  daf Aug 10 '09 at 9:37

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A return value of false does not mean that there was an error. It means that the library wasn't loaded again, because it was already loaded.

If there were an error, you would get a LoadError exception.

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D'oh, sorry! Yes - after doing some checking I see that it has indeed loaded. ;-) –  daf Oct 25 '09 at 23:42

You could try ruby-debug. It sounds like your problem is going to be the C libraries, either missing or not on a path where ruby can see them.

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