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am new to applescript. I want to access elements inside a dialog box/window. I tried following code.

tell application "System Events"
set procs to processes
set windowName to {}
repeat with proc in procs
          if exists (window 1 of proc) then
        repeat with w in windows of proc
            if w's name contains "App Name" then
                copy w's name to the end of windowName
                copy properties of w to the end of windowName
            end if
        end repeat
             end if
    end try -- ignore errors
end repeat
end tell
return windowName

But am only able to get the 4 elements from window: 1.Close 2.Minimize 3.Maximize 4.window title

Nothing from inside the window/dilog.

Can any one help me with this pls?

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You are only asking the window for its name and properties. If you want its elements then ask for its "ui elements".

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Tried UI elements also, it also returns the same 4 elements. –  Shashank Sep 20 '12 at 18:00

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