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I have a spreadsheet where I get a final percentage value say for example 96%, I want to give the difference between this and 100%, that is ok but if the percentage value is over 100% it gives me it in a negative number.

=IF(ISERROR(100%-E18), "", (100% -E18))

So if 96% is percentage value I get 4% in this cell

If 105% is percentage value I get -5% in this cell.

Any ideas, really easy i am sure but just cant think at the moment.

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=IF(ISERROR(100%-E18), "", ABS(100% -E18))

Just return the absolute value.

However the difference IS negative, so just be sure that it is in fact the absolute difference that you are looking for.

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Thanks very much Dan, I will accept your answer later on. –  user445714 Sep 20 '12 at 11:30
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It depends how you want to handle the negative outcomes

For example to return 0 if the answer is less than 0 you could use

=IF(ISERROR(100%-E18), "", MAX(0,100% -E18))

Or you could

  • Provide a warning to the user that the data appears out of bounds =IF(ISERROR(100%-E18), "",IF(100%-E18<0,"negative",100% -E18))
  • Return nothing =IF(OR(100%-E18<0,ISERROR(100%-E18)),"",100%-E18)
  • Use ABS to return 5% rather then -5% (as Dan did)
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You need to use the ABS function to get the absolute value of your difference.

=IF(ISERROR(100%-E18), "", ABS((100% -E18)))

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