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Actually I want to add two select boxes in results div using Ajax.I have function called ajaxFun for retrieving values for that two select box. I am trying to render multiple objects as JSON.but I dont know how to render and how to retrieve rendered objects from my javascript function.

My GSP page.

<td><div id="test" onclick="${remoteFunction(controller:'ProjectOperations', action:'ajaxFun', update:'results',onComplete:'getFields(e)',params:'\'filter=\' + escape(' )}">click me!</div></td>
<div id="results"></div>

Controller class

import grails.converters.JSON

class ProjectOperationsController {

    def ajaxFun(){
                def project="Hill"
                def company="VK"
        def operation=Operation.findAllByProject_name(project)
        def staff=StaffDetails.findAllByCompany_name(company)

        render operation,staff as JSON//am not sure 

here i want to render two list [operation and staff respectievely..]. Then also I want to know how to retrieve the rendered objects from javascript function.

Javascript function

  function getFields(e){ 
// here I want to retrieve that two objects.
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In the controller change

    render operation,staff as JSON//am not sure 


    render [operation:operation,staff:staff] as JSON

Then in the javascript

 function getFields(e){
    var data = eval("("+e.responseText+")");

In your console you should see the contents of staff then the contents of operations which from the findAll will probably be arrays that you can work with in the JavaScript.

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:-sir again one doubt.I want to add the Staff and Operation values into a combo to retrieve the values of that list from the getFields function? – Krishna Sep 21 '12 at 6:11
Once you have called eval on the responseText the values of the two lists are in data.staff and data.operation you should then be able to work with them as plain javascript objects. – Jeff Beck Sep 21 '12 at 12:30

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