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Sorry for asking what is probably a very simple noob question.

I have a view, which creates geometries within a Three.js renderer - the view renders successfully the first time around. However, subsequent calls to the render function fail with an unknown reference error.

I am trying to store a reference to the rendered geometry within the view rather than the model as the model is shared between multiple browsers (and indeed the server) - using Backboneio.js

The view looks like this:

StarSystem.hudContact = BackboneIO.View.extend({
  el: '',
  model: '',
  initialize: function(options) {
    var material = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({
      color: 0xFFFFFF,

    var geometry = new THREE.Geometry();
    geometry.vertices.push(new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0));
    geometry.vertices.push(new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, ((camera[0].position.z - this.model.get('zPos')) / 10000)));

    var line = new THREE.Line(geometry, material);
    line.position.x = ((camera[0].position.x - this.model.get('xPos')) / 10000);
    line.position.y = ((camera[0].position.y - this.model.get('yPos')) / 10000);
    line.position.z = 0;
    line.Name = this.model.get('Name');

    this._hudLine = hudScene.add(line);
    this.model.bind('update', this.render, this);
  render: function(){
    this._hudLine.position.x = ((camera[0].position.x - this.model.get('xPos')) / 10000);
    this._hudLine.position.y = ((camera[0].position.y - this.model.get('yPos')) / 10000);
    this._hudLine.position.z = 0;


So, as can be seen, I am trying to store a reference to the line (line) in this._hudLine - which is known on the first render (during the initialize call), but not thereafter (in the render call).

Any direction on how to handle this without having to rely on a global array or storing information within the model would be greatly appreciated...


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That's strange. Once you define this._hudline in your initialize() it should be a property of the instance and continue to exist even after the first render() call, for the lifetime of that hudContact object. Is it possible that some other code somewhere else is tampering with that data and perhaps, destroying it? – orangewarp Sep 20 '12 at 21:15
Hey thanks for this - it at least confirms that I was barking up the correct tree to begin with! – Paul Edwards Sep 21 '12 at 8:46

i don't actualy know what BackboneIO is, but in backbone you have to bind the render function with _.bindAll(this,"render") to make something like this.model.bind('update',this.render) work.

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Hi, thanks for this - it was actually calling the render loop fine I think that in: this.model.bind('update', this.render, this), the second occurrence of 'this' mitigates the _.bindAll requirement - however, I have tried it both ways to no avail as yet. Will keep playing. – Paul Edwards Sep 21 '12 at 8:49

The problem was fixed with reference to:

Private and public variables to a backbone view

Many thanks for all your help!

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This was solved with reference to the following article:

Private and public variables to a backbone view

However, I think the fundamental issue was with the original template which wrapped the view in a self executing function:

(function () {
  //view stuff

rather than:

(function () {
  //view stuff

A noob problem - many thanks for your help!

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