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My XCode project contains subproject (static library). In this static library project's settings Skip install option is set to YES.

I want to make an archive of my project. At this moment I can do this with command xcodebuild -scheme MyScheme -sdk iphoneos6.0 archive. But in scheme MyScheme I have Release configuration for Archive action. I want to be able to create archive in Debug configuration too.

Then I tried to use xcodebuild -target MyTarget -configuration Debug -sdk iphoneos6.0 archive command, but it does not compute:

=== BUILD NATIVE TARGET foo OF PROJECT fooProj WITH CONFIGURATION Debug === Check dependencies unsupported build action 'archive'

I think I get this error because of Skip install option. Also, making archive and build with target and configuration are preferred rather than using scheme option, because schemes data is in .gitignore file and different developers may have different schemes for the same project.

Is there any methods to make an archive of my project with respect to target and configuration options?

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xcodebuild -project TestBuildProject.xcodeproj -configuration Release -scheme TestBuildProject archive

So, to archive your configuration has to be Release not Debug and you have to specify a scheme.

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