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What would be the optimal way to develop a basic graphical application for Windows based on a Python console script? It would be great if the solution could be distributed as a standalone directory, containing the .exe file.

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As far as I understand your question, you want to write a graphical windows application in Python, to do this I suggest using wxPython and then py2exe to create a standalone exe that can run on any machine without requiring python to be installed

The following tutorial shows everything step by step: Quickly Creating Professional Looking Application Using wxPython, py2exe and InnoSetup

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@Diaa Thanks, looks like what I need, diving in. –  Alex Aug 9 '09 at 13:19

I would recommend that you use IronPython, which is Microsoft's implementation of Python for the .NET framework.

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Tkinter is quick and easy to use. Tkinter is in the Python standard library.

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